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If you are looking for a new dentist, I would suggest finding an office that is up-to-date. What is an up-to-date dental office?

Just as technology is rapidly changing everything around us, a lot has changed in the dental world as well. Of course there are some staples that make a dentist great but I would argue you can’t be great unless you are up to date with some things as the following:

1. Digital radiography and access to CBCT

Digital radiography is a must because it produces less radiation than film radiography. In addition, it has better resolution for better diagnosis. Enough said.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is the standard of care for implants and is increasingly used in various procedures such as root canal procedures and wisdom tooth extractions. While traditional radiographs are two dimensional, CBCT are 3 dimensional which gives you that much more information.

2. Digital scanner

Remember the gooey stuff they used to take impressions for your retainers, crowns, and nightguards? Digital scanners are so accurate today that there is little reason to use traditional impression materials. Plus, a digital scan can be stored indefinitely so no need to take another impression if you happen to lose your retainer or nightguard.

3. 3D printer

3D printers are used in various industries and dentistry is not an exception. You can make everything from a teeth model and nightguard, to crowns and dentures. Once I had a client’s son in town for spring break. He needed a nightguard but was returning to New York the next day. So I simply used a digital scanner to capture his teeth and digitally designed and printed his nightguard—and delivered later that day! This would not have been possible in the past and still is not a possibility in many offices that do not utilize 3D printing.

Is your dental office “up to date?”

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